ROH World Championship: Adam Cole (champion) vs. Christopher Daniels (ROH 15th Anniversary-March 10,2017)

daniels champion

I don’t know if the promo that aired before this match aired on television, but Christopher Daniels cut the promo of a lifetime as gets emotional talking about winning the Ring of Honor world title at last after 15 years of history, trials, and tribulations. Can’t see a better promo happening this year for any company. This was almost as good as Eddie Kingston’s promo before the 12 Large final. Of course Colt Cabana takes the piss out of it. He can’t make a decision about being a heel or straight commentator, and it continued all the way up until the final three count.

It’s amazing to think the journey of these men have gone on. Daniels is probably associated with ROH more than a lot of others despite never having won the title. Adam Cole is the first three time world champion ever, and I firmly believe he peaked in 2012. Cole comes across like a guy who’s still reasonably good but is kind of just there. Maybe some of it is the booking, but being in ROH the last few years and being associated with a company that is starting to resemble the Titanic has done him no favors. He has a fine heel persona, but his in-ring seems stagnant and rote.

Daniels is 0-8-1 in world title matches. In 2005, this would have been an epic 30-40 minute match that probably would have had fans near tears with the emotion of seeing Daniels finally become world champion. However, it’s 2017 and we need blood, low blows, interference, and ref bumps. This was like a 2005 TNA main event. ROH in its PPV main events relies too much on the very tropes that contributed to TNA’s downfall. At least we didn’t have Nigel McGuinness awkwardly silent as Daniels bled. Daniels was pretty excellent throughout, but Cole again came across like a midcard heel as opposed to a world beater. Watch Marty Scurll in the TV title match. It’s not even a fair comparison as far which wrestler has a defined character and makes their persona fit in with their moveset.

Daniels finally wins the world title after hitting three consecutive BMEs and Frankie Kazarian revealed himself to be on Daniels’s side all along.  In a nice touch, he celebrates with both the new belt and the original ROH world title belt.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW ROH World Champion-Christopher Daniels/**3/4

I really hope Adam Cole goes to WWE. There is absolutely nothing left for him to do or prove on the indies, and perhaps going to Orlando will give him new life and motivation.

Also, the announcers declared the match over after Cole hit Daniels with Angel’s Wings. It’s 2017. Cut this shit out. Announcers ruin matches when say “It’s over” because everyone who has watched more than one wrestling match knows announcers are never right at predicting three counts.




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