Bobby Fish vs. Jay Lethal (ROH 15th Anniversary Show- March 10, 2017)

fish vs. lehtal.jpg

I heard good things about this match, and then saw Bobby Fish was taking independent bookings at the end of March. Part of me admires him using this national PPV stage to prove he can still go and showcase himself for other promoters.

These two guys actually did a nice promo exchange before the match began. Kevin Jelly uses “top guy heat” and I immediately want to mute the commentary. Colt Cabana also being at ringside also doesn’t give me much confidence.

Funny to think Lethal has only two years more experience when it’s felt like so much longer for Lethal. Fish aggressively kicks Lethal out of the ring to start. Lethal takes quite the bump out of the ring. They wrestle a really even and intense match as neither man gets an extended offensive advantage during the first part of the match. Fish really uses his kicks extensively on both the upper and lower body. The guy is definitely wrestle with some extra pep in his step.  Lethal actually breaks out of an ankle lock with a straight cutter. That was great. Fish crucifixes out of Hail to the King and applies a Fish Hook. Vegas crowds tend to not be the best, but they’ve been into this one the whole way. I liked that Finish continued kicking the leg and was able to counter Lethal at nearly every turn. Lethal Injection out of nowhere gets Lethal the win.

This was a tremendously physical match where Fish was able to counter almost everything. The one time he didn’t counter, he lost. I’d define this as an fringe match of the year contender.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jay lethal/****1/4


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