Las Vegas Street Fight- ROH World Tag Team Championship: The Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) vs. RPG Vice (Trent Baretta and Rocky Romero)

street fight .jpg

The Bucks and Hardys have a staredown while RPG Vice seemingly comes off like the outsiders. RPG brings in the plunder early since this is a street fight. I’m disappointed that only Jeff Hardy is wearing jeans. And can you imagine a BROKEN production of a Las Vegas street fight? I’m not saying it would be good, but it would certainly be an interesting episode of ROH television. If they can fit in Bull James, a street fight could be…wonderful.

Romero and Baretta may have been the outsiders, but they clearly wrestled like they had something to prove. Baretta in particular bumped like a mad man and turned out to be the MVP of this match.  Not only did he take a powerbomb on the entrance ramp but he also got slammed front first into a pile of tacks. Jeff Hardy introduces a ladder, so we get some fairly typical spots. The Bucks are in a bit more serious of a mood, so the match has a bit more focus while also maintaining a breakbeck pace. Give credit to Matt and Jeff. They didn’t have to work as hard as they did, but they were as active as the other four wrestlers. They even take clotheslines from the thumb tack covered sleeve. Meltzer Driver sends Romero into the tacks, but the Hardys break up the count.  A ladder and table are set up. Jeff Hardy swantons Baretta through the table and gets a three count as they retain the titles.

I was fully prepared to call out the Hardys for not being able to hang and to call ROH out for giving them the titles, but they certainly looked much better than they had any right to. This was a well executed car crash spectacle. This exceeded expectations and also set up one final match at Supercard of Honor XI.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL ROH World Tag Team Champions-The Hardy Boyz/****


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