Will Ospreay vs. Dragon Lee (Manhattan Mayhem VI- March 4, 2017

ospreay vs. lee

Despite all of ROH’s talent relations problems, they’re still able to throw out matches like this. It’s a shame like five people are going to see this since it’s a VOD and not a PPV or television show. ROH doesn’t do these high-flying matches much anymore, so something like will actually stand out. What’s unfortunate is this is a match specifically designed as a showcase and not really relevant to a lot of the storylines (as much as they exist).

This is the kind of match where you should really just hope for a 12-15 minute spotfest. There were some definite slow moments which did nothing to build the match. Ospreay and Lee using chinlocks? Get out of there with that. Thankfully, they turn the volume up and deliver on what you would expect despite a couple sloppy moments. A match like would have caused the messageboard to collectively cream itself in 2005 or 2006. Now *shrugs*. Lee wins after countering the springboard cutter into a powerbomb for three. This was a fun ten minute spring but nowhere close to the match of the year candidate some might argue. I fear for both these guy’s necks after watching some of the bumps they took.

Winner: Dragon Lee/***1/4

On a sidenote, can you believe Will Ospreay was born TWO WEEKS BEFORE SURVIVOR SERIES 1993?



On a side





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