AAW Heritage Championship: AR Fox (champion) vs. ACH (AAW Unstoppable- December 30, 2016)


These two had some unbelievable matches in AIW that did a lot to forward their wrestling careers. Weird to think neither guy has exploded onto the national stage like they probably should have. ACH was the Heritage champion a few years ago and after being retired for a number of years, has come back and is contending for this championship once again.

Fox hits a springboard cutter as his theme music is playing and then hits a swanton for a nearfall. Well, that’s one way to start the match. Even though the match starts quickly, Fox slows it down a great deal as he plays default heel. ACH breaks out his trademark athleticism and seems to take things a bit more seriously than he has at times. Some incredible ducks and dodges leads to a spectacular jumping DDT by the champion.

ACH hits the 450 splash seemingly out of nowhere for the win. That was a bit sudden and was a bit of a disappointment given what these two are capable. I still think the company that is able to channel ACH’s in the right direction will make a ton of money. Whether it’s AAW, Evolve, or eventually WWE.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW AAW Heritage Champion: ACH/***

I joke about ACH being retired and saying Delirious should be arrested is a hyperbolic statement, but it’s embarrassing that ACH has to essentially go backward in his wrestling career in order to move forward and ultimately get to WWE. If I had been booked as shittily as him, I would have hard time being motivated and resisting the temptation to be lazy too.


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