ACH (AAW Heritage Champion) and Ray Fenix vs. Michael Elgin and Brian Cage (AAW Don’t Stop Believin’-January 20, 2017)

Fenix and Elgin has one hell of a match just two weeks earlier in LaSalle. Cage and Elgin are a regular team in places like PWG and Beyond while ACH and Fenix are teaming up for the first time. ACH and Cage had a match just two momths ago in ACH’s surprising (to everyone including ROH) return to the company.

This resembles a carbon copy of the Fenix/Elgin match in that it’s speed versus power. ACH also bring a lot more personality to this match. Elgin and Cage play default heels, and the heat segment is on ACH. ACH comes back with a brainbuster (!!!) on Cage before making the hot tag. Interesting that this was chosen as the main event over Young’s last match, but this is clearly the flashier of the two matches, so it makes sense on that end. Fenix is the MVP of this match as ACH takes most of the offense from the powerhouses. Fenix continues his run of spectacular performances in AAW. Fenix hits a turnaround destroyer on Cage in what was a spectacular final couple of minutes. Holy crap. Fenix was spectacular.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH and Ray Fenix/****


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