Chris Hero vs. Penta el M Zero (AAW Unstoppable- December 30, 2016)


These two had a MOTYC sprint at Windy City Classic the previous, and I would argue running this match again carries some big risks given Penta’s sometimes limited moveset. On the other hand, IT’S CHRIS HERO! Although the atmosphere at 115 Bourbon Street has improved significantly, it doesn’t come as close to matching the electricity in the Logan Squarev Auditorium.

The top rope breaks 30 seconds into this match. Well, I guess this is going to be a very different match than the first one.  I normally hate crowd brawls, but you almost can’t blame these two for extending the match out there. Hero takes control of the situation by telling the official to completely remove the top turnbuckle. That’s a ring general folks.

Crowd heat wasn’t there once the top rope went down. I have to imagine a lot of plans went out the window because neither guy seemed totally comfortable. Penta hits back-to-back Destroyers followed by a pumphandle bomber for a three count. I can certainly forgive these guys for not being able to have anything close to resembling their first match. It’s just a shame this turned out poorly.

Winner (s)/Rating: Penta el M Zero.

I’m really glad Tyler Volz is now going commentary for AAW because Gregory Iron and Ryan Boz (especially) were terrible. Just try to get Penta’s name right next time so you don’t get sued.


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