Desmond Xavier vs. DJZ vs. Moose vs. AR Fox(Don’t Stop Believin’-January 20, 2017)

four way

This is one of those four way dealies where movez are and the results don’t matter. We start with a dance-off. Dance-off to start because AAW just doesn’t know when to stop copying PWG. Probably should have stopped with the dream matches and selling every show out. Fox takes a neck bump on a rana, so the weed must have been good in Illinois on this night. At least this didn’t turn into a bore corner survival match (an ROH speciality where it basically turns into a tag match). This was a pleasant diversion with lots of flippy dos and movez. Fox hits Low Main Pain and gets a swanton for the win. Nice recovery after losing the Heritage title last month.

Winner (s)/Rating: AR Fox/***1/4



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