Heidi Lovelace vs. Kimber Lee (AAW Unstoppable- December 30, 2016)

lovelace vs. lee.jpg

Lee turned heel the previous month, so the dynamic is the inverse of what happened in CHIKARA when Lovelace was the wrestler who seemingly went heel. This would be the AAW for both women. So glad AAW is running a women’s match and Jessicka Havok is nowhere near it.  These two have had some tremendous matches in 2016, and given the heat involved, this should be extraordinary.

Lee attacks before the bell rings, and they start out on the floor. While the first two matches have been more face versus face and psychology based, this was wrestled more like a traditional grudge match or brawl.  Some good back and forth action for the most part but this felt like it was missing something at times. They tried going for an epic feeling but couldn’t quite hit the mark. The lack of crowd heat hurt the cause. This was on the higher end of women’s matches but didn’t carry the emotion previous matches did. Lee gets too cocky in going for a Heidicanrana. Lovelace hits it and goes to the top rope. Senton hits and she gets the victory.

Winner (s)/Rating: Heidi Lovelace/***1/4

These are two extremely talented workers, and I can’t wait to see what they can do on the next level.


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