Matt Riddle vs. Davey Richards (AAW Unstoppable- December 30, 2016)

richards vs. riddle .jpg

I’m honestly in disbelief Davey Richards gets booked anywhere given his awful track record and generally poor attitude. Matt Riddle should look at Davey Richards’s career as a model for what not to do. Richards was destined to be a star in his first year similar to Riddle, and he’s going to go down as a foot note in the history of pro wrestling. Riddle has the potential to be a game changer.

They start off with some aggressive grappling, but eventually engage in a strike exchange. Richards goes to work on the leg, and Riddle’s selling is on another level. Riddle shows more charisma applying a figure four leglock than most guys do in entire matches. Richards has a reputation for turning his matches into finisher porn, but this was a much more cerebral and focused effort. As good as his selling can be, you can Riddle expanding his offensive game and becoming even more confident beyond just the grappling style. He’s showing himself to be quite the underrated athlete.

Richards does a great job selling his own leg after being put in a tombstone. Richards goes for the ankle lock, gets put in the Bromission, and he taps right away. This was a fucking gem of a match. Both guys were magnificent, and Richards did Riddle right by tapping right away.

Winner (s)/Rating: Matt Riddle/****


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