Michael Elgin vs, Ray Fenix (AAW Tradition Continues- January 7, 2017)

elgin fenix.jpg

This is AAW’s first time in LaSalle as they essentially bought out Dreamwave and got a new territory. I’ll say this about AAW. While the opportunity to acquire a territory is undoubtedly tempting, the idea of doubling the amount of shows seems crazy to me. Nothing over the last two years has convinced me any independent wrestling company should be running more than 12-15 shows a year. Even if AAW is drawing from two distinct live audiences, it’s still a lot to ask of the DVD/MP4/VOD buyers UNLESS AAW is just going to start putting all their new shows on the streaming service soon.

I was going through this first LaSalle looking for matches to review, and this is what I came up with. The pickings were awfully slim. Best to describe this card? Woof.  This is a very cool first time ever match and given the politics in wrestling, it will be interesting to see how this turns out. We get to see the power versus speed early. This was very much a showcase match. These two played to their strengths and got AAW’s legacy off to a strong start in LaSalle. This was a fun exhibition with some incredible counters and maneuvers.   Fenix comes out of the corner after taking a bucklebomb with a roll-up and gets the upset victory.

Winner (s)/Rating: Ray Fenix/***3/4                                                        

I know Elgin takes a lot of criticism, but this is a guy who has bet on himself many times and has come out on top. Elgin is in a position where he could either half ass it or not even take bookings like this, yet AAW seems to be his home promotion in the states. He’s doing things his way and not only has a successful individual career but appears to be on his way toward a tremendous career as a trainer as well keeping the St. Louis independent scene alive with Glory Pro (I know you might be thinking NWL, but COME OOOOOOOOOON). He’s been far from perfect, but he could not have come back more strongly from the border disaster from a few years ago.


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