Silas Young vs. Drew Galloway (AAW Don’t Stop Believin’-January 20, 2017)


After ten years and multiple heavyweight championship title reigns, Silas Young said good bye to the promotion he helped build. Tyler Black and Jerry Lynn did a lot of leg work putting this company on the map and giving it credibility, but it was Silas Young’s title reigns that truly brought this company to the next level. When no other promotion gave him a chance to be a main eventer, this company did. He showed himself to be one of the best wrestlers in the ring and one of the best promos out of the ring. It says a lot that he got the streamer treatment and a standing ovation despite being a heel for nearly his entire run. Regardless of what you think of him as a person, he made AAW into what it is.

Galloway vows to beat Silas Young and become the new measuring stick in AAW. Hey, at least the beers are on him. They start off with strikes early. Some interesting cat and mouse games as Young begins working Galloway’s leg. Even though he gets the offensive advantage, Galloway does a nice job selling the injured limb. Most of the fans are actually behind Young. Young hits a lot of his trademark moves but of course it’s his last night and he’s got to look up at the lights. We get a nice tease as Galloway hits Futureshock, but Young nonetheless kicks out. Young goes back to the leg. Short piledriver into a second Futureshock and then a third. Galloway gets the win, and hopefully this means he’s going to hang around and possibly win the AAW title. At this point I’d be rooting for the ringside crew members to get it over the current champion.

This was a very good professional wrestling match between two veterans who know how to build things and tell a story.

Winner (s)/Rating: Drew Galloway/***1/2

My gut tells me Silas will be back in AAW soon enough given the chaos of Ring of Honor and the numerous departures. Not allowing talents to take dates with companies like AAW among others is just one of the many many reasons ROH has experienced problems.


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