AAW Heritage Championship: ACH (champion) vs. Trevor Lee (AAW Tag Team Champion)

ach trevor lee.jpg

A battle of two of the better stars on the independent scene. Given this is LaSalle, I’m curious to see what level of effort we get out of both men.

Extended feeling out process leads to a dance-off. Well, we know what this match is going to be then. Just call it a night. Who is more to blame for dance-offs being a thing in indie wrestling? CHIKARA or PWG? While CHIKARA seems to have them more frequently and started earlier, I feel like context matters and it tends to play better in what amounts to a cartoon alone. And let’s face it. Larry Sweeney in a dance-off with Akeem basically justifies the dance-off in that promotion all by itself. Meanwhile, a lot of the wrestlers who work both PWG and AAW seemingly can’t resist them. I’m not against fun or gaga, but keep it within context, and save that shortcut for guys who aren’t nearly as talented as these two.

Things do get more serious, but there’s almost no connection between the feeling out process, the dance-off, and the rest of the match. While the action certainly picked up in the second half, it’s certainly easy to think this could and should have been better. ACH reverses Lee’s attempted fishermen’s buster into a small package and gets the win.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL AAW Heritage Champion-ACH/**1/2


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