ACH vs. Matthew Riddle (Evolve 76- January 28, 2017)

riddle ach.jpg

This is ACH’s debut in Evolve. He only wrestled for DG USA in 2012, and given his contract status, a match like this never could have happened until 2017.

Definitely got to see more mat wrestling than usual from ACH. Neither guy is able to connect on various kicks, and you can tell ACH is taking things very seriously. Riddle continues to show so much poise, and you can see how much more confident he is than ACH at this point. Riddle dominates a very good portion of this match with various strikes and suplexes. ACH is able to come back using some of his speed as the focus is ever more clear in his wrestling.

Things break down into quite the strikefest. Riddle ends things with the fishermen buster into a bridge for three.

ACH is clearly going through a bit of a rebuilding phrase after years of toiling in ROH’s midcard and doghouse. What will be interesting to see moving forward is how he adapts his style and matches up against certain talents who have usurped him in the buzz department. Riddle has certainly done that, and there’s a host of others in Evolve who have done so as well. This is a critical period of time for ACH, but wrestling for Evolve and AAW will certainly prove how good he can be. This went as well as it could have for ACH, and you couldn’t ask for a better debut.

Winner (s)/Rating: Matthew Riddle/****


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