AR Fox vs. Penta (AAW End of Innocence- February 4, 2017)

penta fox .jpg

I’m calling him Penta for the sake of my own sanity and because it’s easier. This is a styles clash to be certain as these two are almost the complete opposite of one another. Fox is very much about the flash while Penta is all atmosphere.

Very fast start which Penta is able to keep up with. This was very different from a lot of Penta matches as the emphasis was more on athleticism and less on visceral violence. Bell-to-bell, this was one of Penta’s stronger performances. I wonder if the separation of AAA has list a fire under him. Fox was a bit sloppy at times but not enough to dramatically affect the match quality. Fox hits a series of dives but can’t get the three count. Penta hits a Destroyer ON THE APRON! These men are nuts. Destroyer off the middle rope and Penta finally gets the win. I need a cigarette. That was great.

Winner (s)/Rating: Penta/****


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