Chris Hero vs. Keith Lee (Evolve 76-January 28, 2017)

hero lee.jpg

Lee was prominently featured in Ring of Honor and then decided to advance his career in a different way by signing up with Evolve and focus on a singles career as opposed to teaming with Shane Taylor. Given that Lee is getting Chris Hero on his first show and would soon after make his PWG debut, I guess you can’t really blame the big man.

This is a borderline hoss division battle. It’s amazing to think Lee has been around for a decade and is really only now making a name for himself. And really that was only a limited run in Ring of Honor and some Beyond work. Lenny Leonard runs down Hero’s entire career. Absolutely ridiculous what he’s done in a 19 year career. Very slow start as Hero uses mostly headlocks and cravats. Hero bounces off the ropes…and they break. How the hell does this happen twice in a month?!?!?!?!?!?!  Both men toss over the top rope, and Hero takes advantage with a hard kick. This just becomes a slugfest with no ropes to really use.

Stylewise, it was probably better for these two to have to deal with a broken ring as opposed to Penta. I love Hero when he does the short jab. Gets me every single time. Hero is in full bully mode, and he hits some hard strikes and kicks. Although the match was somewhat awkward at times, this still turned into about as good match as you would expect from a match with no top rope. The second rope then breaks when Keith Lee tries a moonsault. We’re lucky these guys didn’t get seriously injured in that ring. Lee hits a huge powerbomb for a long two count. Hero hits the cyclone kill and then a series of hard elbow strikes. Cradle piledriver. That’s it. Hero and Lee tore it up in a broke ring. Now Hero really can call it a career on the indies.

Winner (s)/Rating: Chris Hero/***3/4


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