David Starr vs. Stephen Wolf vs. Marion Fontaine vs. Arik Cannon(AAW End of Innocence- February 4, 2017)

four way finish.jpg

Wolf howls to the ring. Get it because his last name is wolf?

Might take you a second to get it but you will. Starr makes Jimmy D. announce all of his names in a great heel moment. Arik Cannon was a mainstay of AAW for a number of years and is working his way back into things through these LaSalle shows. David Starr demands to start and sits Indian style. I’m mainly watching this since this is Starr’s AAW debut. Starr walking out on immediately instead of engaging with his opponents was pretty tremendous. This is a much more cerebral four way than the one I reviewed yesterday. We get some shenanigans with Cannon’s PBR. Cannon has lost quite a bit of weight and has his hair under control somewhat. Starr drops the beer on the floor. Outstanding heel work.

The David Starr of 2014 might have floundered in front of any AAW crowd, but after being one of the most improved wrestlers of 2016, 2017 is the perfect time for him to debut in the Midwest’s best company.  Cannon looks in the best shape of his year. Wolf is fine on the undercard of these LaSalle shows and Fontaine can fit in just about anywhere. My gut tells me Starr will be the star of this group even though Cannon got the victory following Total Anarchy. Perfectly fine opener.

Winner (s)/Rating: Arik Cannon/**3/4


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