Chelsea Green vs. Rachael Ellering (Shine 40- January 13, 2017)

ellering vs. green.jpg

Greeb stole the show on a recent episode of Impact during what was supposed to be her wedding, but I’m mainly curious to check this out based on the buzz surrounding Ellering. There’s a lot of buzz around any second generation star, but this feels more genuine than every indie company falling all over themselves to book Cody Rhodes.

This is a match I might never review or see since women’s shows (specifically Shine) are pretty frustrating, more because of the booking than the wrestling. These are also two Lance Storm students. Can’t be emphasized enough how much of an effect he’s clearly having on the current state of the industry, particularly the women’s side. Fairly physical bout as Ellering really brings it. Green has a tremendous personality and clearly has a solid presentation, but her in-ring work seemed about two steps behind the smoother Ellering. Ellering connects on a huge bicycle kick to counter Green’s offense. She continues with a solid series of strikes. Green actually tries to keep with the strikes, but she fails. Ellering finally hits the TKO to pick the victory.

This turned out to be quite the midcard match as both women seemed to find their footing as the match wore on. With more experience, Green could be very good. The hype surrounding Ellering is well deserved. Definitely want to see in more matches and any promotion worth their salt should be pursuing her.

Winner (s)/Rating: Rachael Ellering/***


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