Mercedes Martinez vs. Allysin Kay (Shine 41-March 10, 2017)

kay martinez.jpg

This is a number one contender’s match for the Shine championship stemming from what happened last month as neither woman could get along and it ultimately cost them both the title. I guess Kay is the default babyface?

Even Lenny Leonard points out the borderline absurdity of these two have a feeling out process given the heat that should exist between these two women.  There were some solid exchanges, and nothing was technically wrong, but the heat was clearly missing in more ways than one. Kay hits a discus lariat, but Martinez is too close to the ropes. Kay then hits the pounce, and the 20 minute time limit expires. Holy crap was that underwhelming.

This felt like a much slower paced brawl than what I was expecting and the total lack of crowd heat or investment does this match no favors. With a better crowd and more clear direction, this could have been a really good showcase of two of the best in women’s wrestling. As it is, this was just okay. They clearly paced themselves out for a 20 minute, and we ended up with an aggressively mediocre match.

Winner (s)/Rating: /**1/2

Six people chant for five more minutes. Kay is interested in five more minutes, but I guess it’s not happening. Dumb all the way around.


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