Shine Championship: Allysin Kay vs. Mercedes Martinez vs. LuFisto (Shine 40- January 13, 2017)

shine title.jpg

Ivelisse had to vacate the championship, so the winner of this match gets the belt. You could argue these are three of the best women wrestlers going right now. Martinez already has the SHIMMER and WSU titles, so this would be quite the trifecta for her.

Kay and Martinez try to out heel and out strike each other as they double team LuFisto. Kay was supposed to wrestle Martinez one-on-one, and I almost wish we could have gotten a straight one-on-one as opposed to one of these triple threat deals. These women are good enough to keep things entertaining and have a decent enough title match at least. They take turns on the outside of the ring. Back to double teaming LuFisto. Both Martinez and LuFisto get their finishers, but both counts are interrupted by the third woman in the ring. Martinez suplexes LuFisto through a stack of chairs. Things really pick up as Martinez and Kay each desperately go for the win. So Martinez kicks her feet off the ropes. LuFisto covers (not even for three) and gets the title. What an abomination of a finish. LuFisto won in a really cheap fashion and made both Kay/Martinez look like geeks. Also, did I mention she didn’t have her covered for three.

Story of this match was basically LuFisto battling the odds and wrestling much of the match 2-on-1. The problem with this execution is she’s a heel. You wouldn’t have known that until the finish. I liked this match, but the finish made this retroactively worse. This may have been one of the worst put together matches of the year.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW Shine Champion-LuFisto/**


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