Shine Championship: LuFisto (champion) vs. Ivelisse (Shine 41-March 10, 2017)

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Ivelisse wasn’t on the last show and had to forfeit the title, yet here she is on the next show. This my friends is why Shine makes no damn sense. Ivelisse attacks before the bell rings. This is what the previous match should have been. Brawl extends throughout the Orpheum. The rest of C4 comes out. Thankfully, some of the other babyfaces come out to help. At least Ivelisse has friends! Still some interference. Well, we’ve got about seven people at ringside, so the finish just became that much more predictable.

The action between these two is rock solid as you would expect from two pros. I liked the intensity as this was a stark contrast to the previous match. Ivelisse has LuFisto pinned, and of course the referee gets pulled out. The referee doesn’t bother to toss anyone from ringside because he also has to look like a complete moron. So the director randomly checks outside as one of babyfaces has a chair. Amanda Rodriguez hits La Rosa Negra with a chair. Burning hammer ends the match. Everything about the booking of this match was brutal.

Winner (s)/Rating:  LuFisto/Pour One Out

I continue trying to give this company the benefit of the doubt, but the booking continues to do a disservice to the hard work of the athletes involved. The lack of crowd heat also doesn’t help either. People in the back who think this kind of garbage booking is a good idea is what holds pro wrestling back and why the swamp needs to be drained out of a lot of these ideas and people.


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