Jordynne Grace vs. Britt Baker (WSU 10th Anniversary- February 11, 2017)

grace vs. baker

These are two much hyped young women, and you can definitely see Baker possibly being in WWE within the next two years. Grace is a powerhouse and the best way to describe her body is Michael Elgin like (That’s meant to be a compliment). The idea is that Grace has been dominating her opponents in WSU but Baker is a step above previous competition. Baker does push-ups while choking Baker. I can’t believe that’s never been done before. Baker hits a nice DDT to counter the power offense of Baker. Grace finally gets Baker in a bearhug and makes her submit. I’d laugh for trying to get the bearhug over, but it’s simple, and if you have other wrestlers putting it over, there’s no reason it can’t.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jordynne Grace/**1/2


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