LuFisto vs. Jade (WSU 10th Anniversary- February 11, 2017)

jade vs. lufi.jpg

LuFisto attacks Jade from behind as she seems to be channeling her heel character more and more in other promotions. This is for sure a dream match in the world of wrestling given the talent level. Jade is also incorporating more brawling in addition to her kicking. This match was a clear step above a couple of the previous matches I’ve reviewed on this show. LuFisto’s heel behavior makes for a much more aggressive atmosphere overall.

Jade goes back to her trademark kicks in order to counter LuFisto’s onslaught. Jade manages to roll LuFisto up after blocking a burning hammer and getting a three count. Finish didn’t light my world my on fire, but this was a very solid performance from both women. Rock solid with a good story as Jade took on the underdog role against a more aggressive opponent.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jade/***1/4


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