WSU Championship: Allie (champion) vs. Mercedes Martinez (WSU 10th Anniversary Show-February 11, 2017)


Martinez is already the Shimmer champion, so her becoming the WSU champion would also be a pretty big deal, especially since there was a certain point when one company’s champion couldn’t even wrestle for the other one. It’s also a big deal since was literally inducted into the Hall of Famer earlier in the evening.

Allie stalls…a lot. They wrestled this match like they were going for a slightly more important championship feel, a stark contrast to many of the matches on this show. This also has a clear heel and babyface dynamic as the crowd chants “Cherry Bomb” and “Fuck TNA.” For CZW fans, that’s pretty mild. Martinez uses her brawling style, and Allie has to resort to using the ropes in order to get the advantage. Brief brawl outside the ring. Allie hits the codebreaker back inside the ring. I like the idea of this even being a gut check for Allie even though she’s the champion. Both women hit their finishers, but in both cases, the opponent was too close to the ropes.  Martinez applies a surfboard dragon sleeper and gets Allie to tap and become the new champion. Very good match and nice ending to the show. This felt like a fitting way to cap off a 10th anniversary show. It’s nice to see a woman’s company without a terrible main event finish. Never thought it would be WSU but maybe they should take lesson and apply to future events as well.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW WSU Champion-Mercedes Martinez/***1/2

I have to imagine Allie goes to WWE once her Impact Wrestling contract ends. She’s gotten way too good to wallow in that company.


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