WSU Spirit Championship: Su Yung (champion)(w/Chrissy Rivera)Kiera Hogan vs. Veda Scott (WSU 10th Anniversary- February 11, 2017)

hogan title win

Thank goodness Emil is on commentary and not the other CZW goofs. Hogan and Scott double team the champion. Yung’s crazy character is quite the spectacle as she’s basically changed her entire persona. Hogan and Scott turn on each other quickly. Yung takes advantage. Thankfully, this match doesn’t fall into the trap many other triple threats do with one person resting on the outside while the other two fight. These three integrate themselves well. Yung pedigrees Hogan. ALL HAIL!

Rivera becomes involved by putting Hogan in a chair. Hogan avoids the dive. Some mistiming on a scissors kick. Rivera pulls out the goddamn referee on a three count. Meanwhile Leva Bates spits liquid in Yung’s face. Hogan hits a twisting fishermen buster for three. It’s a nice moment for her, but as a babyface, it’d be nice to see her actually win in relatively clean. Action was sloppy but okay. Finish was dumb and ruined what could have been a nice moment.

I love Yung’s character. Scott really has improved a ton over the last 18 months, and Hogan has a ton of potential. Definitely someone I’m curious to watch more her of this year.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW WSU Spirit Champion-Kiera Hogan/**


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