ACH vs. Fred Yehi (Evolve Tag Team Champion and FIP World Champion)(Evolve 77- January 29, 2017)

ach yehi.jpg

Is memeable a word? That’s the best way to describe Yehi’s face. Look at it.


Yehi is a double belt holder in the WWN universe and one of the more unique talents in the world right now. ACH is trying to make a name for himself in Evolve and rebuild his career. Short feeling out process and the shoving starts early. This is wrestled much more in Yehi’s alley than in ACH’s. Lots of striking, ground work, and foot stomping. ACH stays on the ground as well and with a couple of exceptions, is clearly behaving more seriously. ACH manages to hip toss Yehi over the top rope. He connects on the soccer king but sells the leg that Yehi had been working over. They start slapping each other…hard. I certainly appreciate the more intense version of ACH. ACH stomps on Yehi’s foot in a nice response. ACH hits a brainbuster out of nowhere and gets the win. Well, that was interesting. I wonder if that will be his new finish.

I think what would shock people most about this match is how physical it was. This felt like a Yehi match all the way. ACH appears to be going with a more grounded style and focusing less on dives. It would certainly be safer on his body, and it will give his matches a freshness that are probably needed. I enjoyed this match a great deal. Yehi came across well, and ACH needed a win on his first weekend to reestablish not just himself but give him some credibility in Evolve.

Winner (s)/Rating:  ACH/***1/2


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