Jay Briscoe vs. Jay White (ROH Television- March 20, 2017)

briscoe white.jpg

White hasn’t been pinned or submitted in Ring of Honor so naturally they’re going to have Briscoe pin him in a random television main event.

It is remarkable to me just how protected Jay Briscoe has been protected in the Delirious regime. At this point, he should be putting over new talent and ROH should be on the look-out for anyone with a pulse and a modicum of talent. I don’t know if White is the guy based on his relationship with New Japan, but it certainly couldn’t hurt. Briscoe doesn’t shake hands, so White attacks him before the bell rings. He shows a lot of aggression early and even takes him outside. Briscoe is tossed into multiple guardrails.

I could almost do an entire blog on Jay Briscoe’s hair. SPOILER ALERT: It’s really terrible. Not as bad as his viewpoint on shooting people who try to teach his kids about gay lifestyles but close. Briscoe’s control segment is fairly uninteresting and takes away from the aggression White started off with. He even breaks out a REVERSE CHINLOCK. What is this? A Raw commercial break. Pretty paint by the numbers second half (including the oh so predictable “shocking” table spot that has become quite the booking trope) that ends with a rolling forearm and clothesline (really?) and an end to Jay White’s undefeated streak.

I don’t know what the point of doing a draw in Philadelphia is when they’re just going to have Briscoe win in a nothing match like this.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jay Briscoe/**3/4

Jay White is really fucking good.


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