No Disqualification: Matt Riddle vs. DUSTIN (Evolve 77- January 29, 2017)

riddle dustin

DUSTIN has quite the track record in street fights and no disqualification matches going back to his time in PWG and a notable match in CHIKARA against the Colony.

I would argue the best singles match in his career came against Johnny Gargano some years in Dragon Gate USA. This will also be something a bit different for Riddle as well. DUSTIN attacks with a chair, so Riddle grounds him. Taylor finally chairs him in the midsection. I like the idea of DUSTIN as a heel having more experience in these kinds of matches and being more willing to use weapons early. Riddle adjusts and is soon after kicking a chair in DUSTIN’s face.

DUSTIN brings out a table. Riddle misses a senton and collides with two chairs. I normally hate matches where all the action is on the outside of the ring, but I’ll be damned if these two aren’t making it work. Taylor puts Riddle through the table with a tope con helo, hits a double stomp, and covers for ONE! DDT on a chair for two. This crowd is so behind Riddle it’s ridiculous. And this is CHUCK TAYLOR, one of the most popular guys on the indies. At the very least, he’s a sentimental favorite. DUSTIN sets up a stack of six chairs. Riddle SUPERPLEXES DUSTIN THROUGH THE CHAIRS! Riddle just punches DUSTIN a bunch and then covers for three. This was outstanding, an intense grudge match where both guys played their roles to perfection. DUSTIN was always more comfortable using weapons while Riddle tried mainly to wrestle. This ruled and is one of my favorite matches of 2017 easily.

Winner (s)/Rating: Matt Riddle/****1/4


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