ACH vs. Jason Kinkaid (Evolve 79- February 25, 2017)


Jason Kincaid has wrestled on a couple of Evolve shows and won a 13 man scramble at the first Style Battle show. Both of these guys were highly undervalued in Ring of Honor, and it’s inexplicable that this first time meeting is happening in Evolve.

Similar to Evolve 78’s opener, you’ve got someone with more experience against a rising young star on the independents. The stakes are pretty high for this match because if ACH gets a win, he gets a title shot over Wrestlemania weekend. Kinkaid quickly begins stripping. Must be warm in La Boom. The tone of this match is a bit lighter than ACH’s previous Evolve matches. Kincaid continues to break out his unique offensive stylings while ACH. Flurry of offense ends with the Buster Call and a win for ACH. Not as good as the previous night’s opener but this was still a fun start to the show.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH/***


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