ACH vs. Tracy Williams (Evolve Tag Team Champion)(Evolve 78- February 24, 2017)

williams ach.jpg

After ACH’s first Evolve weekend, I’m incredibly curious to see him match up against Tracy Williams.

ACH already defeated the other half of the Evolve tag team champions in Fred Yehi at Evolve 77. Again, we see ACH focusing more on a mat based style instead of a high flying style. Williams hits a super butterfly suplex off the middle rope on ACH and then continues to maintain the advantage. ACH does a nice job evading Williams on the outside and flatlines Williams against the apron. Pescado. That’s one of the few dives ACH has pulled out in this brief Evolve run. Dive met with double boots. Williams grinds and keeps ACH on the mat while focusing on the left arm. Some nice ducking and dodging leads to ACH defensively hitting a kick out of the corner. Williams hits a DDT on the rope and then clotheslines him hard. ACH heads out of the ring.

Things really break down as they just take turns hitting each other hard. ACH hits his brainbuster and gets the victory. Clearly, they’re trying to establish this as his new finish as ACH transitions into becoming more of a grounded wrestler.

Just like ACH’s first two Evolve matches, this was a much more physical and mat based contest. I like that he’s branching out and changing his style while also trying to be more serious. I’ve always believed ACH can be a tremendous performer, and I genuinely love what he’s done in his first three Evolve matches. The idea is that ACH is shooting right to the top by beating some of Evolve’s best and one more victory insures him an Evolve title match.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH/***3/4


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