Anthony Henry vs. Matt Riddle (Evolve 78-February 24, 2017)

riddle henry.jpg

Henry impressed a hell of a lot of people at SCI tournament in 2016, and I have to believe that tournament has led to bookings in places like CZW and now Evolve. He’s no stranger to the WWN Universe after the Style Battle, but this is a very different circumstance as he’s taking on one of WWN’s best.

Crowd is cheering loudly for Riddle right from the start. This started out with some heavy mat work. Henry begins using some strikes and kicks. Riddle regains control with a knee. They wrestled this match pretty evenly, which is surprising given how strongly Riddle has been booked recently. However, it speaks to Evolve’s confidence in new talent that they’re always giving them opportunities. Henry got a lot of time to shine and seemingly wins the crowd over with his effort. Riddle finally gets the win after fishermen suplex, a tombstone, and the Bromission which Henry again taps immediately. I like that guys tap right away so if someone does withstand it in the future, it’ll mean that much more.

This is the kind of match that could be main eventing Evolve a year from now, so it’s fun to think this was the opener of Evolve 78. This functioned extremely well as a great way to start the show and showcase Henry’s abilities while also putting over Riddle strong.

Winner (s)/Rating: Matt Riddle/***1/2


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