Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (Evolve 77-January 29, 2017)


This is Chris Hero’s last match on the indies, maybe forever depending how things go in WWE this time. Sabre has never beaten Chris Hero in Evolve, so this is a huge match for him as well. These two have put together quite the rivalry in the company, and this makes sense as Hero’s last independent wrestling match. Let’s hope the ropes don’t collapse.

Hero yells at a fan to start. Sabre leaps and goes for the armbar immediately. Did not see that coming. They go outside where Sabre hits a series of uppercuts. Hero hits a forearm. This was pretty brilliant. Make fans think it’ll be a slow going epic and then start off hot and heavy. This was a very different kind of match than previous ones. Hero dominates for a bit in the ring, but Sabre counters with an armbar. This is a pretty nasty and physical affair with Hero controlling much of the action.  Sabre really only gets flashes, mostly going for submissions or flash pins. Hero uses the sentons multiple times to get the advantage back.

Hero actually breaks out a snap tombstone piledriver to oohs and aahs from the crowd. Death blow countered into the armbar. Sabre beefs with the ref and gets a Death Blow for his trouble. Sabre kicks out of one after a pedigree. Hero hits two piledrivers in a row, but Sabre counters a third into an armbar. Hero submits and Sabre finally gets his win in a great moment and classic Evolve match. This was an excellent way for Hero to end his independent career. Some tremendous back and forth throughout the match. What else can you say?

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./****

There’s no one I would have rather had call this match than Lenny Leonard. He did an amazing job this whole weekend running down Hero’s career, including all the accolades and major moments. The guy continues to be one of the very best announcers in the business, and as Evolve’s status has improved. Lenny has also gotten even better and more focused.


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