Evolve Championship: Timothy Thatcher (champion)(w/Stokely Hathaway) vs. Jeff Cobb (Evolve 77-January 29, 2017)


I said I would review matches that were interesting to me, and I’m genuinely curious to see how this one plays out. I’m not sold on Cobb at all, and Thatcher is a mixed bag. If he has the right opponent, you’re in for a four star classic. If not, you could get something two stars or below. Cobb can be good in spots, but I’ve never seen a singles match of his where he’s put it all together and really had that dynamite match.

Cobb does some of his power moves while Thatcher works over the left arm. The psychology is sound, but the crowd just doesn’t care about the champion at this point. This title reign has gone way too long and tests the patience of fans. The fact that this isn’t even the main events speaks to the lack of confidence Evolve officials have in Thatcher as a champion. This match fell right in the middle between good and bad. The arm work made sense  and was completely logical but also dull. This just didn’t come across like an intense or epic championship match. Thatcher turns an armbar into a roll-up for three. That went over with a thud.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Evolve Champion- Timothy Thatcher/**1/2

What’s so weird about Hathaway’s relationship with Thatcher is that everything comes from Hathaway. The hype. The promos. It’s so bizarre because it almost feels like Thatcher doesn’t even acknowledge Hathaway as his manager. Hathaway by himself makes these matches and Thatcher’s whole title reign feel important. Certainly has added some juice.


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