Keith Lee vs. Zack Sabre Jr. (Evolve 78-February 24, 2017)

sabre lee.jpg

Sabre has an Evolve title shot the next night, so this is a warm-up.

The weight difference is staggering once you see these two standing next to each other. This is the intelligence and cunning of the much smaller Sabre against the giant Lee. Lee being so large, especially on the indies, gives his matches a unique feel, and you can feel the confidence he has in Evolve rings. It’s a fairly simple story, but they executed the story really well. At one point, Sabre kicks Lee in the chest hard and then gets launched after a two count. Sabre turns his focus to the arm. Sabre shows a ton of fire as he forearms and slaps away at Lee. Lee hits a DVD turned into a powerslam, called Ground Zero and gets a pretty surprising victory.

Lee has made an excellent showing of himself and has proven himself to be a capable member of this roster. This is a very Gabe booking decision, to have the number one contender lost the match before to set up a future contender. Clearly, they’re booking a rematch in May or soon thereafter.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre/***1/2


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