Matt Riddle vs. Drew Galloway(Evolve 79- February 25, 2017)


riddle galloway.jpg

Galloway wanted to recruit Riddle into his anti-WWE group, but Riddle turned him down and has been feuding with him ever since. Galloway was nowhere to be seen on Evolve due to a suspension. This is a grudge, so it starts quite intensely as Riddle hits an immediate knee strike for two. The intensity keeps up throughout the match. Galloway controls things by stomping Riddle’s bare feet. All of these buildings have embraced Riddle to the degree this felt like the biggest babyface in the territory trying to overcome the aggressive heel.

A tremendously physical match that encompassed some hard strikes saw Riddle hit the Bro 2 Sleep but have his senton met with knees. Tombstone is countered into a series of fists. Riddle gets the Bromission and he slaps Galloway. Referee stops the match. The finish came out of nowhere, but the post-match beatdown made sense given the context.

What I’ve noticed about Evolve is that the emphasis has gone from the grappling style into more physical matches with mostly clean finishes. It’s an interesting and subtle shift. There’s still a lot of mat work, but many of the important matches emphasize heavy physicality without resorting to a lot of head droppiness or what is stereotyped as “strong style.”

Winner (s)/Rating:

Galloway low blows Riddle immediately after the match and continues punching him. As Galloway is about to piledrive Riddle, Tracy Williams and Fred Yehi make the save. Larry Dallas comes out and I can’t fast forward quickly enough.

volve 79- February 25, 2017)


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