Jay White vs. Martin Stone (Revolution Pro Wrestling-High Stakes- January 21, 2017)

stone white.jpg

You’ve got a guy with a lack of experience who was recently a young boy in Japan versus one of the more experienced European indie wrestlers going. Unlike the previous match, I’m confident a talented young wrestler will not tank his performance. This was a boisterous newcomer to RPW versus the cagey. These two told a great story. Series of uppercuts by White on Stone. Big tope suicida finally connects. Stone hits an RKO. Powerbomb followed by a knee strike and huge headbutt. Crossface but White manages to get to the ropes. Crowd really hasn’t been into either of the matches post-Scurll/Sabre. It’s a shame because this was a very solid back and forth match that probably would have come across better as either the opener or second match. Stone connects on a straight right and then goes for a neckbreaker. Liontamer by White and he gets an almost immediate submission. Crowd doesn’t seem to quite know how to react. I would have liked to have seen a better crowd for this match, but I enjoyed the action here.

Winner (s)/Rating: Jay White/***1/4


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