RPW British Heavyweight Championship: Katsuyori Shibata (champion) vs. Matt Riddle (Revolution Pro Wrestling-High Stakes- January 21, 2017)

shibata riddle.jpg

Riddle has barely wrestled two years and is in the ring with someone I believe is the second best wrestler in New Japan (Ishii is number one). It’s pretty amazing that an American is wrestling a Japanese wrestler for a British championship.

Both men go for an ankle lock early. Pretty extended feeling out process. Shibata begins focusing on the left arm, and Riddle’s selling is again impeccable. Riddle comes back with some FIRE. Series of kicks and strikes. Riddle is able to connect with the British crowd as well as he has with American ones. Shibata no sells a series of chops in tremendous fashion. Shibata dares Riddle to kick him before clocking him with a forearm. Shibata avoids a penalty kick and hits a pele. German suplex exchange. Oh, this is great. Strike exchange. Shibata applies a sleeper. Riddle reverses into one of his own and hits a penalty kick of his own. Bro 2 Sleep only gets two.  Shibata blocks a series of kicks and slaps him in the face. Sleeper into a slam. Penalty kick. Again to the sleeper. Riddle taps Done.

Really strong ending to the show as this was an RPW dream match that actually delivered and met expectation Scarily, I think these two have a better match in them.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL British Heavyweight Champion- Katsuyori Shibata/****

Andy Boy Simmonz’s dismissal of Riddle was among the dumbest commentary I’ve heard this year. Keep in mind I’m in China and cannot follow 24 hour cable news that closely. Still, ABS…a big dummy.


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