wXw Shotgun Championship: David Starr vs. Alexander James (CZW Awakening- January 14, 2017)

david starr.jpg

CZW may not be my favorite company in the world (understatement of the year), but they certainly book some solid talents that I wouldn’t get to review or see elsewhere. James is going to Europe and wXw, so this title shot makes sense…somewhat.

Starr connects on a dropkick and then hits a dangerous trio of tope suicida. That’s one way to kick off a promotion’s year. James is tossed onto his assistant right away too. James controls some of the match, and you can see how much he has improved over the last year. He is able to get some solid offense in. Starr comes back with a violence party. We even get a piledriver on the apron. James doesn’t cover right away however.  James takes so long he gets DDT’d on the apron. E Street Driver gets three. This was a very solid start to CZW’s 2017.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL wXw Champion-David Starr/***

Starr is either selling really well or is legitimately injured because of the piledriver on the apron. Probably not a wise move to take that particular maneuver.


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