Yoshi-Hashi vs. Pete Dunne (Revolution Pro Wrestling High Stakes- January 21, 2017)

hashi dunne

This is certainly an interesting match from a political standpoint since Dunne has a WWE affiliation and Yoshi is a prominent NJPW star.

Pretty slow to start and Dunne controls things on the mat. I know a lot of people are in love with Yoshi-Hashi’s singles work over the last 18 months, but I’m still not terribly crazy about him. Dunne as a heel is genuinely one of my favorite things in wrestling. He and Scurll might be my favorite heels as far as personalities in the world. The match stays in first gear for a very long time and doesn’t really pick up until Yoshi counters into a DDT. Dunne gets a snap German, but Yoshi hits a gamanguri.  Dunner hits the release suplex, and the pbp guy calls the match over. STOP. DOING. THIS. Swanton met with knees. Dunne hits Bitter End but only gets two. Dunnem teases a pedigree, another trope that needs to die. Yoshi hits a swanton but again only two. Pumphandle bomber finally gets three.

Rev Pro is a company I want to like because they use a lot of wrestlers I like and book at least one or two dream matches every match. However, more often than not, I walk away disappointed with their shows. This match is a perfect example of what I described. First half went absolutely nowhere and only in the second half did things really pick up and become relevant. I like Yoshi as an undercard babyface but not much more than that. Also not sure about having Dunne lose in this scenario.

Winner (s)/Rating: Yoshi-Hashi/***

Andy Boy Simmonz has to be one of the worst announcers for any independent wrestling company in the world.


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