Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Marty Scurll (Revolution Pro Wrestling-High Stakes- January 21, 2017)

scurll sabre

Scurll comes out to his incredibly lame ROH music instead of his formerly swank music. That’s a disappointment. This men were friends in RPW. Now they’re enemies. Things get awfully aggressive early between these two as they engage in mat wrestling and a slap exchange.  Because of their friendship, Scurll knows how to counter many of Sabre’s armbar attempts. Unlike the previous match, the mat wrestling has more purpose. Something I’ve appreciated out of both these guys thus far this year has been a tendency to be more aggressive and not box themselves into only sticking to one style.

Both guys focus a lot of their offense on each other’s arms. Even with a lot of mat wrestling, the intensity and hatred shined. This was much better than some of their previous PWG matches. Having an actual issue certainly helped. Crowd seems pretty split. These two play the one upsmanship game quite well. Things eventually degenerate into a nasty and extended strike exchange. Scurll telegraphs a chickenwing and gets slapped right in the face. That’s awesome. Series of counters. This match featured quite the flurry of action and nearfalls. I like that neither submission finisher got the job done. Scurll cracks Sabre’s fingers while applying an armbar. Awesome moment there. Scurll grabs a bungee cord off the ring. He uses it on Sabre’s finisher. So how is that not a DQ? He stomps on Sabre’s finger while it’s pinned against the bottom turnbuckle. Referee treats Sabre and yells at Scurll. This is so bizarre. Sabre can’t get the armbar applies properly since his fingers have been worked over. Scurll hits a tombstone but can’t get three. Scurll cracks the fingers AGAIN. Sabre throws the official down. Scurll low blows Sabre and hits the no arm piledriver. Tombstone. Again only two. Scurll shoves Sabre into the goddamn referee. Out comes the umbrella and a shot to the head. RPW, fuck right off. Sabre basically no sells and gets the armbar. Scurll whacks him multiple times. Sabre again no sells and applies the armbar. Powerbomb. Sabre rolls him up for two. Sabre rolls Scurll up and gets three.

Like so many of their other matches, this one peaked about five minutes before the bell actually ring. For some inexplicable reason, they couldn’t resist overbooking this one, and it’s a real disappointment because this could have been a classic if not for some of the silliness in the waning moments of this match. This match just kept going on and on and on. I liked many aspects of this match but really didn’t like the booking.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre/***1/4


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