AAW Heritage Championship: ACH (champion) vs. Penta El M Zero (AAW Homecoming- March 17, 2017)

penta champion.jpg

Penta is already a former heavyweight champion, while ACH is back in the building he made his AAW redebut in just six months ago. This is a dream match as almost no other promotion  could put this on.  This is a true styles clash, but both guys are incredibly charismatic. ACH takes things lightly and gets leg kicked for his trouble. Good. This was 10 minutes, the perfect length for a Penta match. It started hot and heavy and stayed that way. You can’t expect Penta to ever put on the 30 minute classics, but he’s proven capable of having excellent 12-15 minute sprints.

ACH goes low and ties Penta’s mask to the middle rope. This is a much more heelish ACH than usual. I hope he differentiates his Evolve work by keeping up this character. Hard slap exchange. Penta brings a real physical style to the ring and it’s only become more pronounced in recent months since he went out on his own. Brainbuster attempt blocked but Penta PACKAGE PILEDRIVES ACH ON THE APRON! ACH hits one of his own for two as well. 450 misses. Penta punts him in the groin and hits a package piledriver. That’s it! New champion! Another excellent match with a fitting ending that paid off the story of the match.

Winner (s)/Rating: NEW AAW Heritage Champion-Penta El M Zero/****


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