AAW Heritage Championship: ACH vs. Desmond Xavier (AAW-The Chaos Theory- March 4, 2017)

ach xaviert.jpg

Xavier sets himself as the hot shot newcomer but mocking his championship opponent to start. We’ve seen ACH be a bit more focused and serious in Evolve, but that’s really showing up in AAW. He’s still being more fun loving. Goddammit, there’s a dance-off. ACH at least collects a couple bucks from a fan. At least SOMEONE got something out of this match. Derek St. Holmes makes me laugh all in the way in Hong Kong with a line about prostitutes.

Eventually, wrestling happens and it’s…okay. They shout anime references at each other, and the tone for a match of this magnitude that’s the semi-main event is completely inappropriate. They pretend to be blind, and it’s devolved into total comedy. Things finally get serious, but the shift is so dramatic and unnatural that it’s difficult for me to get invested in the action. Both of these guys are very capable of having great matches, but they took the path of least resistance. ACH hits a huge lariat and connects on a Buster Call and gets the win. Brainbuster getting two wins on this show is weird.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Heritage Champion- ACH/**


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