AR Fox vs. JT Dunn (AAW-The Chaos Theory- March 4, 2017)


Dunn has wrestled in this venue before for Dreamwave but never for AAW, so this is his debut for the company. These two are old rivals from Beyond Wrestling. I have to say I haven’t been impressed with some of Fox’s early 2017 outings in any company I’ve watched. I’m curious to see what he looks like here against someone he’s match up with before and is certainly an interesting match-up. There’s a comment to be made about the former Adam Rose and Dunn on the same, but unless it comes with the word alleged, I’ll just stay away.

Things get surprisingly physical early. Then Fox hits a tope con helo to the entranceway. Dunn dumps Fox in an almost side suplex onto the apron. That’s different. Dunn plays total heel, which makes sense given Fox’s popularity with this company. Fox makes a comeback after connecting on a codebreaker. Fox not only breaks out the high flying moves but turns this into an athletic exhibition, and Dunn plays off it well. Dunn connects on a rather stiff lariat as this continues to be one of the more physical matches in AAW this year. Tombstone pildriver on the apron but Fox kicks out. Fox hits Lo Main Pain out of nowhere. 450 only gets two. Brainbuster finally gets Fox the win.

Fox seemed a bit more focused in this match. I think him wearing the tights was symbolic of that. Dunn and he also have very good chemistry. This match was designed to get Dunn over in a loss, and I’d say this was successful at doing that.

Winner (s)/Rating: AR Fox/***1/2


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