AR Fox vs. Shane Strickland (AAW Homecoming- March 17, 2017)

fox strickland

This came immediately after Galloway/Ion and could not differ more stylewise. Shocking Strickland took this long to become a part of this promotion as this is his debut. Some amazing speed shown by these two. This was an excellent exhibition of movez. No dancing or bullshit. They stayed focused and delivered on the kind of match you’d expect from them. A match like this only works if both connect on their spots and make everything look fluid. They were both successful on this night and kept up the momentum of the previous match. Strickland brings out a half dozen versions of the cutter. Fox hits a springboard moonsault off the post onto Strickland who’s BETWEEN THE GUARD RAIL AND RING APRON! Strickland gets a KIllshot and double stomp. Fox kicks out at two. Fox finally gets the Lo Main Pain and 450 splash for the win.

This was Fox’s second straight win and match against someone making their debut. It’s not two typical debuts, but it’s interesting to see Fox be kept in a prominent position on the card. Clearly, he’s destined to be a part of AAW for a while. Also, I’ve enjoyed Fox’s last two performances much more than some of his previous ones.

Winner (s)/Rating: AR Fox/****


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