Drew Galloway vs. Zema Ion(AAW Homecoming- March 17, 2017)

galloway ion.jpg

Do you want to see an amazing big man versus little man match?

This it right here. Doesn’t get any better than this. I’d argue these are two guys who got more credit than they deserve when they weren’t as good but are now underrated as they’ve become two of the best on the scene. Ion hits a rana and immediate dive. He even comes off the entranceway. Galloway absolutely tosses Ion out of the ring. That’s a monster move if I’ve ever seen one. Ion tries slapping back. Galloway headbutts Ion down…hard.

Galloway catches Ion halfway into the crowd and TOSSES HIM INTO THE WALL! Ion counters a Future Shock attempt with a superkick. Galloway catches a flipping Ion in a short piledriver. That was tremendous. Avalanche Emerald Frosion also only gets two. ZDT tossed away and Galloway hits a swinging Future Shock. That gets three I can’t conceive of there being 20 matches this year better than this one on the indies.

Give Drew Galloway the AAW title next month. That’s a shoot.

Winner (s)/Rating: Drew Galloway/****1/2


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