Ray Fenix vs. Trevor Lee (AAW Homecoming- March 17, 2017)

fenix lee.jpg

No dancing or TNA shenanigans tonight. Lee starts off before the bell rings. Clearly, the Berwyn Eagles Club is lighting a fire under everyone’s ass tonight because everyone is wrestling like their tights are on fire. Lee hits a release German suplex as Fenix is posing for the crowd. Fenix hits a gorgrous double stomp as part of his come back. Lee plays the cowardly heel as opposed to doing his TNA schtick. This was much slower than the previous two matches as it turns out, but Fenix continued to have an impressive 2017. Still some decent back and forth action. Fenix hits a tremendous rana followed by a seemless Destroyer for a three count. Very solid little match to come out of the intermission

Winner (s)/Rating: Ray Fenix/***1/4


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