Zack Sabre Jr. vs. Kyle O’Reilly (AAW Homecoming- March 17, 2017)

sabre oreilly

Sabre has been wrestling like a man out to prove something this year, and O’Reilly is now free from the ROH shackles so expect him to come out motivated and ready to go. Although they stick to a lot of mat work, they keep up the intensity for the whole match. Lots of great reversals and counters. Eventually, things break down into a hard uppercut exchange. O’Reilly connects on a short knee to the ribs. Nice combination by O’Reilly. Sabre tries his various roll-up combos but gets caught in a rear naked choke. Sabre counters into a triangle choke. Brainbuster prevents Sabre from locking in the double wristlock. Incredible exchange of various strikes and kicks. Sabre locks in the octopus and pulls the left arm back. O’Reilly taps. Another excellent match on a show full of them.

Winner (s)/Rating: Zack Sabre Jr./****


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