ACH vs. Timothy Thatcher (Evolve 81-March 31, 2017)


Stokely Hathaway tells Joanna Rose to leave the ring because of her “botch” last night. He talks about what he did for TJ Perkins and getting him into WWE. Hathway talks about Evolve being a land of opportunity. He and Thatcher have that in common. Hathaway wants Kyle O’Reilly in the Dream Team.

This could be really interesting as personality and style wise, it doesn’t much more opposite than this. This didn’t work at all. A nice idea in theory but ACH doesn’t have it in him to really bring out Thatcher’s edge. Thatcher sucked all the energy out of this match, and this crowd that is likely going to see a dozen or more shows sits on their hands. THANKFULLY ACH gets the win with the Buster Call out of nowhere and gets the win. I’m just glad it ended. Thatcher matches need a story or crowd involvement. This had neither.

With Evolve shifting more and more away from the grappling style, I have a hard time seeing Thatcher fitting in and being able to consistently deliver. Without guys like Gulak and Hero around, Thatcher is not going to gave a lot of safety blankets in the ring to really get the crowds into things.

Winner (s)/Rating: ACH/*

Hard to imagine a more boring match taking place this weekend. Stokely Hathaway’s promo had a lot more heat than this match did.


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