Ethan Page vs. Darby Allin (Evolve 81-March 31, 2017)

page allin

Like so many other wrestlers, Page has been much more serious in Evolve than he has in any other promotion. His promos and having the Gatekeepers have only reinforced this idea. Allin is a rising star who has captured fans attention just by virtue of being a daredevil willing to do absolutely anything. I have mixed feeling on him as a talent, but you can’t argue with the fact that this angle has a ton of legs behind it.

Page tries using a chair right away. I’m so glad this didn’t start out with either guy grabbing a hold. Page dominates by tossing Allin into and through various parts of the buildings. Allin is busted open. Did this match REALLY need blood? Allin’s timing on the comebacks are pretty perfect. We see tables, chairs, and ladders used throughout. Page is the one introducing these various objects into the ring. Page hits himself in the head with a chair but catches Allin with a knee. Gatekeepers prevent Allin from climbing the ladder. Page then tosses him through tables. Package piledriver attempt through two chairs…is successful. Allin still kicks out because he just won’t die. In come the Gatekeepers. Priscilla Kelly enters the ring and tries to make the save. Austin Theory interferes and makes the save for Allin. Things go into the crowd. Allin puts a garbage can on his upper half and just dives off the balcony. The man is insane. Allin wears Page out with a garbage can and finally does a dive off a ladder to get the three count and his revenge.

I don’t know what Allin’s prospects are if he continues the risk taking, but this was certainly a meaningful and emotional roller coaster. You’ve got to give Page a lot of the credit in putting the story and logistics together. This is one of his great strengths and undoubtedly why he works with so many of the younger or rising WWN stars. This was a well told story, and if you don’t like Allin or Page, then this would be a tough match to get in. Personally, I thought this was a spectacular way to end Evolve 81, and these two earned the right to be in the main event. Didn’t like all the interference and In wish they had kept things straight one-on-one. That didn’t take away from the match too much.

Winner (s)/Rating: Darby Allin/****1/4


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