Evolve Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. (champion) vs. ACH (Evolve 80- March 30, 2017)

sabre ach.jpg

You’ve got two guys wrestling with a chip on their shoulder in the main event of the  first really important show of Wrestlemania weekend. Both guys have been wrestling with more intensity and adapting their moveset. 

Sabre’s white jacket is pretty sweet. This is also his first title defense. ACH starts with a flurry right away and seems to be focusing on Sabre’s neck. Meanwhile, Sabre of course focuses on the arm. ACH goes to the chops, but Sabre seems incredibly unimpressed. After being spat at, Sabre twists ACH up. These two kept up the pace and more importantly had the fans with them, something I have a feeling is going to be a bit of a challenge this weekend. I enjoyed some of the counters they broke out. Some fans chanted USA and they were completely shouted down by the others. Probably for the best.

This definitely felt like a battle. No goofiness or playing around. This was just two guys engaging in a battle for a prominent independent wrestling championship. All credit to these gentlemen for stepping up. ACH even hits a Buster Call but can’t get three. To the top for the 450 splash. This gets turned into the triangle choke. That actually looked good. Sabre transitions into the double wristlock. That’s it. Another top flight match from this weekend.

Winner (s)/Rating: STILL Evolve Champion-Zack Sabre Jr./****


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